Q: What are the advantages your company offers?

We offer a transparent cost structure to minimize risks as well as a complete trade platform.

Q: How can we cooperate for business?

There are variety of ways for business cooperation. In particular, we have a great interest in extending the availability of our offerings to a wide range of corporate clients, customers, vendors, manufactures, sales agents, trade agents, trading companies, public and semi-public organizations.

Q: What can we expect from a business partnership with you?

A business partnership is a long-term investment. For this reason, we would like to enter into business partnerships which have a long-term positive effect on our customer satisfaction and the interests of our corporate clients or vendors. A continuing positive relationship with our customers, clients and vendors also will have a positive effect on the business activities of our business partners.

Q: What do you do better than your competitors?

Our competitors have advantages in certain areas of their specialization as we also do in our fields of expertise. Yet, as a general trading company we avoid giving advice solely based on past experiences or business history as markets and business landscapes evolve quickly. Our approach deflects from vision; as we will underline the risks as much as the possible positive outcomes for our clients.

Q: How long do the services take to implement?

We decide case-by-case as it depends on the business, volume and products as well as the current external situation how long a project, i.e. the implementation of a service, will take. Usually, we will fix a deadline once details of the project and a contract will be in place. Prior to a contract we offer approximate dates in our tenders, offers, suggestions etc. if not requested otherwise.

Q: What are the payment terms or how do we pay?

The general payment terms are included in the general for trade services. However, as each project must be evaluated on its merits and risks, we offer each client payment terms that minimize risks on both sides and maximize mutual benefits. Payments are usually based in AED and via bank transfer, or other pre-agreed individual payment methods.

Updated: April 21, 2019